Following a vote of the elected trustees in November 2016, the Loop project is moving forward. Plans are underway to acquire property along East Riverside and begin construction soon. Please check the UPDATES PAGE for the most current info. There's a lot of information on this page, rely on the update page for the most current.

What is, 'the loop' project?

In simplest terms, a plan by the Town of Estes Park to  change downtown Estes Park streets into one way, which would bypass downtown completely when you leave the park, or head East. The project uses federal funding designated for Federal Land Access Projects (FLAP), and has been sold as a plan to allow faster access to Rocky Mtn National Park.

-- Cost in dollars: $17 million (13: FLAP; 4: CDOT)
-- Reversible? Nope. once the new highway is in, it's in.
-- Other congestion relief has not been attempted
-- National Park is not participating in the project
-- Planning for the future of downtown has been offered after this project moves forward

It's not an optional bypass, you will not be able to drive though downtown in an Easterly fashion. Business owners are concerned that the charming attraction of Downtown Estes will change forever; visitors are outraged that 'downtown' is the reason they are driving through Estes Park. Locals are beside themselves that now for the entire year we'll be doing counterclockwise loops to navigate through our own community, for the benefit of 'better access to the national park'. Shouldn't the Town Leaders be protecting us from this kind of change to our community? We hope they do.


Hiring Summer Police Officers trained to manage traffic in real time and eliminate congestion, increase pedestrian safety, serve as ambassadors for our community to tens of thousands of people every day UPDATE: Summer officers on the job in 2016 are making a positive difference in congestion with real time traffic management

Optimize traffic signals to be coordinated and move cars through efficiently when the summer officers aren't on duty. Update: The 'Barnes Dance' crossing cycle is in use during the summer of 2016 (an 'All Walk' pedestrian cycle followed by vehicles only, the 2 don't mix)

Reconsider horse carriages being allowed into an area of town with such concerning traffic issues Update: Haven't seen a horse carriage in 2016, drivers rejoicing

Restripe and sign 34/36 intersection to permit traffic to use the 34 bypass to access the park instead of historic downtown Update: Some restriping and resignage has been installed that identify the Fall River Park Entrance.

Update highway signs to accurately show routes to historic downtown / North park entrance/ South park entrance Update: Mid July 2016 new brown park signs installed before 34/36 intersection are having a positive effect on downtown congestion

Consider intelligent message boards to give real time travel data

why is the loop bad for estes park?

#1: The original purpose of the grant is false

The FLAP grant was originally submitted to make a vehicle trip to Rocky Mtn National Park faster and easier; RMNP is full, and is having trouble handling all of the vehicles that the current road system delivers.

#2: There is no 'big picture' plan for downtown Estes Park
Building The Loop now will force any downtown planning to be formulated around the new highway system without any forethought with regard to the character and identity of our town and every other related issue (bikes, people, character, one way streets, etc etc)

#3: Building The Loop will change the character of downtown forever by constructing a new eastbound highway over the East Riverside neighborhood, and expanding downtown to the East. CDOT will become the new owner of this new highway once they 'acquire'  homes, businesses and park land. The "character" that is often overlooked and hard to quantify is the main reason millions of visitors return to the community each year. Adding modern street conveniences, round a bouts and other Everywhere USA development will strip the character that Estes Park has built for decades. One way streets alone stand to crush that character and are despised in other communities that have tried them- who are trying to come back to 2 way streets.

#4: The process is rife with lost public comments, misleading options, changing objectives, uninformed Trustees and misinformed public. The issue has created a painful division in the community among citizens with a sliver of information, well informed Estes Park (No Loop) defenders, and Estes Park Trustees and government agencies (Colorado Dept of Transportation (CDOT) and Central Federal Lands (CFL)) that want to do 'what is right for Estes Park' in their sole opinion without a public vote and at any cost. Every day the project advances costs this community more money and heartache for everyone including visitors. The Trustees are brazenly avoiding the opportunity to take a public vote, despite their roles as representatives of the people. Without the support of the community, the project is doomed- and just costs more and more each day that it is pressed on.

moving forward, what to do?

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Fox News 31 Anchor Jeremy Hubbard:

"One thing we can all agree on is we don't want Estes Park to lose it's charm."

Town Administrator Frank Lancaster:

"We're a hundred year old town, and when you're putting in new roads, sometimes things have to be... moved."

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