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Who is responsible for this website? Not one person specifically. There's been a growing concern among students & residents that the wrong candidates were being promoted by certain people, and the concern was that it had the potential to change a LOT about what makes Estes Park, Estes Park. This web presentation is a collective effort of a bunch of folks, including hahaha it's more fun to be anonymous. You could speak with any of them in person, or direct your comments to the web editors via the comment form below.

You could easily say that this website is by all of the people that support the effort to not elect
the other candidates, as we work to share the information with our neighbors.
For clarity, transparency and posterity- we are
not in favor of the the other three.

Who runs the estes"truth" fb page?

Here is a screenshot of who was originally part of the EstesTruth Facebook page, taken from the website before they chickened out and removed it. Are they still running it? Most likely...